Habits and Routines

Most people have Habits and Routines
If only from:
Going to bed
Getting up in the morning
Going to work or School 
Or some form of Education
Coming home later in the day
And repeating the process...

Within that process
We have other Habits and Routines
As to what we eat and when we eat
What we wear...

The list can go on and on...

But within our Habits and Routines
Most people find security
Even if they are not totally happy
With and within their Habits and Routines

We all know this when faced with...

Some people will welcome CHANGE
Though, traditionally, most will NOT

People want to cling to...
Hold on to... their old habits
Because they are familiar

Some Habits and Routines
Are healthy...
Others are NOT...

Breaking out of an old
Restrictive (rather than destructive)
Habit or Routine
Can take Discipline and effort
(Sometimes hard work)

For myself...
Simply going for a walk
Can be a CHANGE...

NOT a "Power Walk"
As some may do...
But just going for a walk

The effort may be minimal
But simply going from A to B
And then returning to A
Requires some effort

There are those who would argue
That "a simple walk"
Is NOT enough...
And more effort should be exerted

But I will simply
"Go for a walk"
And then another walk
And so create a NEW Habit and Routine

In a way I could say
"This is time out for me, with God"
Fewer distractions
Easier to "hear Him"
Since I am wanting to "hear Him"

But "Go for a walk" 
I will do...
And see what comes from it...

So what about you?
Are there CHANGES 
You need to make in your life?

Do you KNOW that you should...?
But have decided NOT TO?

Or are you still thinking
About WHAT to do?
Or waiting for the "RIGHT" time?

Or do you simply REFUSE

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