Habit, Routine, Discipline, Discipleship

We ALL have a Habit and a Routine

Go to Bed
Get Up

Now we ALL know
There is a bit more to it
Than what I have said

And yet Habits and Routines are things
That most of seem to struggle with

Or maybe I should say
These are things that most of us
Find excuses NOT to do

The other two words:
Discipline and Discipleship
Perhaps give us an insight
As to where the problem lies

Sleeping and eating
Are easy for most
But eating too much
Is a problem…

And this is the time of year
When you will hear about it
From MANY different sources
Since most of us INDULGE at Christmas

Changing or adapting
Our Habits and Routines
CAN be done…
It IS possible…
But it takes Discipline
And I am going to suggest
Discipleship as well

Discipline to many
Is a “dirty word”
But when accompanied
By Discipleship
We can perhaps find a solution

Jesus said that He would never
Leave us nor forsake us
And like those first Disciples
We are called to be Disciples also
AND Disciples of Jesus Christ

When we believe and trust in Jesus
That He is not simply the Saviour of the world
BUT He is our own personal Saviour
He comes to live within us
By His Holy Spirit

You become a child of God
And Jesus is with you forever
And you with Him

You then are also His Disciple
And He will change you from within
But ONLY as you allow Him
As He will NEVER force you to change
Because He loves you too much
And loves you as you are

But surely when and as we grow in His love
We will want to let Him change us

You see God is pouring out His blessings
Upon us DAILY
“Blessed be the God and Father
of our Lord Jesus Christ,
who has blessed us
with every spiritual blessing
in the heavenly places in Christ,”
(Ephesians 1:3)

When and as we receive His blessings
We are allowing Him to change us

So as a Disciple of Jesus
We are being discipled by Him
Jesus – Almighty God
Is the One we are in Discipleship with

As we allow Him to Disciple us
Discipline is LESS difficult

As we learn to master Discipline
In and through Him
New Habits and Routines
Are easier to achieve

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