Growing UP in who we ARE

How do you SEE yourself?

For many people...
What they see about themselves
Is not always GOOD...

This can be affected by
The CHOICES that they have made
Or by things that have been
Said or done to them
In the past...

And yet... 
Jesus died for us all
Nearly 2,000 years ago...

Before we even were created
Jesus paid the price
For ALL mankind...

Since I have said this
About Jesus and what 
He HAS done...

We are presented 
With a CHOICE...

CHOOSE to focus
On OUR choices...
And the things that 
Have been said or done
To us...

OR we can CHOOSE
To focus on Jesus
Done for us all...

Each of these CHOICES
Are REAL...

But which REALITY
Is MORE real to us...?

For whichever one
We CHOOSE to live in
Is the one that is
MOST real to us...

Now you can say 
Whatever you like...
Argue and disagree
With me...

If you are living
With discouragement
And defeat...
Then you have CHOSEN
NOT to live IN who
You ARE IN Christ...
(Assuming you are 
Already a Christian)

If you identify with
What I am saying...
Then you need to
Grow UP and realise
What Jesus has already
DONE for you...

Paul prayed a prayer
For the Saints in Ephesus

"after I heard 
of your faith 
in the Lord Jesus 
and your love 
for all the saints"
(Ephesians 1:15)

AFTER he heard
Of THEIR faith

That THEY were
Born Again

And the prayer that 
He prayed was that
They would realise
WHAT they already HAD
IN Christ...

He didn't ask God
To GIVE them something

Which, sad to say, is how
So many pray TODAY...

Rather he prayed that:
"the eyes of your 
being enlightened"
(Ephesians 1:18)

Understand what you
Already HAVE...

Not what you are
Going to become...

But realise what is 
Already within you
By Christ Jesus...

Realise what Jesus
HAS given you:
"the riches of the glory 
of His inheritance... 
the exceeding greatness 
of His power toward us 
who believe...
according to the 
working of His mighty power 
which He worked in Christ 
when He raised Him 
from the dead"
(Ephesians 1:18 - 20)

Riches of Glory
Exceeding greatness
His power
Which raised Jesus
From the dead...

All of these
Who believe...

Realise who you ARE...

CHOOSE wisely...

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