God’s Way is not our way

We live in a society where winning is everything

Coming second is the first loser

It is not enough to enjoy playing a game
Any game…
You HAVE to WIN…

Now there is VALUE in this attitude
But it also causes major problems
Especially when you think of God
And living the Christian life

“whoever desires to become great among you,
let him be your servant.
And whoever desires to be first among you,
let him be your slave—
just as the Son of Man did not come to be served,
but to serve,
and to give His life a ransom for many.”
(Matthew 20:26 – 28)

It is almost like saying or thinking
That if the world says “Go up”
God says “Go down”
Or God directs us to DO the opposite
Of what the world recommends

If you want to succeed in your job
Or get ahead in society
You need to be the strongest, most fit
Intelligent and highly skilled
Stepping on or over anyone who
Gets in your way


Hopefully you will realise that is NOT
God’s Way

Rather help one another
Step aside and let the other go first
Do what you can to serve your
Brother or your sister

THEN you will be great in the kingdom of heaven

This, by the way, comes naturally to NO ONE

Only by the Grace of God
And the Spirit of God
Can anyone do this

And yet, that is how we are called to live…

When you live this Way
God will make a Way for you
God will promote you to positions
You never thought were possible

God Almighty sent His Son Jesus
Into the world to SERVE
NOT to be served

We need to adopt the same attitude

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