Godly wisdom

“And the king said,
“Divide the living child in two,
and give half to one,
and half to the other.” “
(1 Kings 3:25)

On first reading…
This does NOT seem
Particularly WISE…

And yet if you READ
The entire story:
1 Kings 3:16 – 28
The wisdom becomes

When you read the story
You may be challenged
With a number of options…

Doing the “right” thing
As opposed to
Doing the “wrong”…

Or making a “Good” choice
Between making a “Bad” one…

Both of these options
Come with an element of “FEAR”
And can definitely lead to

Especially in the person
Faced with the choices
Who perhaps – “gets it WRONG”

King Solomon, on the other hand
Was not simply WISE
But was also acting “GODLY”…

Choosing to make a godly decision
Enabled the child to live…
With his mother
(1 Kings 3:27)

When we think of Moses…
His mother made a godly decision
Concerning her son…

She put him in a basket
And left him in the Lord’s hands
As she pushed the basket into
The river Nile…
In order to save his life

A strange decision…
For a child’s mother
And yet a godly one…

So what about us?

Are we more concerned about…
Good or evil?
Right or wrong?
Good or bad?

Or do we consciously think
About living godly?

The root of these TWO…
Essentially two choices…
Living godly or otherwise…
Stems from the Garden of Eden

Adam and Eve were faced
With a choice…

They were forbidden
From eating of the tree
Of the knowledge of GOOD

But there was NO such
Command concerning
The tree of LIFE…

TODAY we live daily
With the same choice
That faced Adam and Eve

Will we choose to live godly?
Or will we continue to choose
Between good and evil?
Between right and wrong?
Between good and bad?

“You will keep him in perfect peace,
Whose mind is stayed on You,
Because he trusts in You.”
(Isaiah 26:3)

True PEACE only comes
When we have our mind
Stayed on the Lord…

We achieve this by choosing
To LIVE godly…

How do you LIVE today?

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