Godly Living

How are you supposed to live godly?
We, after all, are human and not gods!

“bodily exercise profits a little,
but godliness is profitable for all things”
(1 Timothy 4:8)

The Bible clearly states here in 1 Timothy
That we are meant to live godly

It is rather funny, I think
That the comparison being made by Paul
Is between exercise and godliness

I say this since the world, quite often
Is obsessed with exercise and pressure
Is always being put on people
To “be in shape”

The media paints a picture of “what”
The perfect shape is and you can feel
The pressure to “get into shape”
And “conform”

Indeed, just as I say that word: “conform”
I am reminded of another verse:
“do not be conformed to this world,
but be transformed
by the renewing of your mind,
that you may prove what is that good
and acceptable and perfect will of God.”
(Romans 12:2)

Now am I saying
That there is no need to exercise
Certainly not!

But we do need to get things
Into perspective.

The emphasis from God’s point of view
Is that we are to live godly
(1 Timothy 4)
And we do this
By renewing our minds
And being transformed
(Romans 12:2)

The result of taking God’s view
Is that we get to find out
What His good and perfect will is
For our lives

Now surely this is something
That we all want, isn’t it?

Added to that
It should come as a big relief
That God’s way involves our minds
And not our bodies

It has to do with the way
That we THINK
Not with the SHAPE
That we are in

The truth of the matter
Is that when we focus
On being godly
So many other things
Fall into place

Our whole demeanour changes

Our sense of peace
And well being
Tend to level out

We are less and less
Challenged with the
“Ups and downs”
In our lives

Not that they stop happening
But we are less affected by them
Since we are living godly

And, of course
We will find ourselves
Wanting to get out into
God’s creation more and more
As “bodily exercise profits a little”

When our focus changes
Everything changes

Living by the standards
Of the world
Can be so stressful

God’s way is
Love and Joy and Peace

I know which way
I want to follow…

How about you?

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