God uses foolish things…

“But God has chosen the foolish things
of the world to put to shame the wise,
and God has chosen the weak things
of the world to put to shame
the things which are mighty”
(1 Corinthians 1:27)

On this Easter Sunday morning
We celebrate the risen Lord
In and through Holy Communion

Foolishness to the world
But to us who are being saved
It is the power of God
(1 Corinthians 1:18)

In Matthew 15 a woman of Canaan
(A non Jew)
Came to Jesus seeking healing
And deliverance for her daughter

Jesus appears to insult her
By implying that she is a little dog
But in response she acknowledges
That even the little dogs
Eat the crumbs from the
Masters’ table
(Matthew 15:26 – 27)

This is a type of picture
Of Holy Communion
As all we eat is a tiny piece of bread
(Almost a throw away piece, a crumb)
And a sip of wine

What value is there in a tiny piece
Of bread and a sip of wine?

To the world this is foolishness
And madness…

“Then Jesus answered and said to her,
“O woman, great is your faith!
Let it be to you as you desire.”
And her daughter was healed
from that very hour.”
(Matthew 15:28)

This woman believed that even
What was left over…
What was thrown away…
Was enough to heal her daughter

If only I can touch the hem of His garment…
(Mark 5:28)

Just say the word and my servant
Will be healed…
(Matthew 8:8)

A piece of bread and a sip of wine
For those who will believe…

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