Filled with the spirit – which one?

Let me start by saying
That I do NOT mean 

Are you filled with
The Holy Spirit?

Or are you filled with
A demonic spirit?

Let me try and put this
Another way...

Are you flowing in the
Gifts and the fruit of
The Holy Spirit?

Or are you allowing
A demonic spirit or
Spirits to FLOW 
Through YOU...?

"When he saw Jesus, 
he cried out, 
fell down before Him"
(Luke 8:28)

This short verse 
Tells us what the 
Gadarene demoniac
Did when he saw Jesus

"He fell down before Him"

The reason why I point 
This out is that 
Is in control of 

Even if you ever come 
Across someone who 
Appears to be
"Out of Control"

They are in that state
It to happen...

"For you can 
all prophesy 
one by one, 
that all may learn 
and all may be 
And the spirits of 
the prophets 
are subject 
to the prophets
For God is not 
the author of 
but of peace, 
as in all the churches 
of the saints."
(1 Corinthians 14:31 - 33)

Did you see 
What it said there?

"the spirits of the prophets 
are subject to the prophets"
(1 Corinthians 14:32)

Remember I asked at the 
Beginning of this Devotional:
Which spirit are you filled with?

Whatever "spirit" you have...
YOU are in control of...

Now let me share with you
A personal story...
Which happened to me
Many years ago...
(Over 30 years ago)

I had a problem with a sniffle
And a cough that ONLY
Happened a day or two
Before I had to preach...

It was uncanny to me...
Mind boggling...
To the extent that I sought 

The man I approached
Pointed me to the following:
"For I, the Lord your God, 
am a jealous God, 
visiting the iniquity 
of the fathers upon the 
children to the 
third and fourth 
of those who hate Me"
(Exodus 20:5)

The Ten Commandments

So I am 1st Generation
My father is 2nd Generation
My grandfather is 
3rd Generation
And my Great grandfather 

Or the other way around...
But hopefully you get to see
What I mean...

Now I also need to point out
That I DO NOT hate God...
I love Him and know
That He loves me

So what can this 
Possibly mean?

Well there are various
Which I shall not name...

That have practices and beliefs
Which are NOT Christian
And are definitely 
NOT godly...

And many people who are part
Of these Organisations
Do not realise this...
But are actually good people

I have NEVER been in any of 
These Organisations...
Nor has my father

But my grandfather
(Who I never knew)

And most probably his father
My Great grandfather was too...

"children to the 
third and fourth 
of those who hate Me"
(Exodus 20:5)

The "those who hate Me"
Were and ARE the people
Who belonged to or belong
To these Organisations...

And according to the
Their children will suffer...

NOW - I am not going to
Develop this any further

All I have done is quoted
A few Bible verses...
Referred to the ten
And implied a course
Of events...

But I will continue
With MY story...

The person I approached
About my sniffle and cough
Said that there was a very
Easy and simple way
To solve this...

Simply pray, OUT LOUD:
"Heavenly Father, 
I reject (Name of Orgainsation)
in Jesus name. Amen"

That was it

As simple as that

The problem was...
I found it difficult to do


And Yes 
You READ it correctly

I found it DIFFICULT
To do

I paused...
I avoided it...
My mind was doing 

After all
WHAT was the problem?

The problem was 

Demonic influence 
In MY life
That I was totally 
Unaware of...

"My people are destroyed 
for lack of knowledge"
(Hosea 4:6)

This is how the Bible
Says it

Was destroying me
(Or at least was trying to)

So I was being asked to pray:
"Heavenly Father, 
I reject (Name of Orgainsation)
in Jesus name. Amen"

And evetually
After two or three attempts
I DID...

And as soon as I
Prayed it OUT LOUD
Slowly dragging the words out

I was able to REPEAT
It normally

And I was delivered...

And the sniffle and cough
Were GONE...

That is MY STORY

Like my last Devotional:
How do we minister?

You now know how
To minister to and 
With the demonic

But please remember
If the person does NOT
Use their WILL to expel
The demon - you CAN'T

Jesus delivered the
Gadarene demoniac
Because he fell at 
Jesus' feet

The "man" WANTED rid 
Of the demons

Not everyone does...
Some people actually
Enjoy the "control"
That it gives them...

So minister wisely...

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