Everything is not always as it seems

“As they went out, behold,
they brought to Him a man,
mute and demon-possessed.
And when the demon was cast out,
the mute spoke.
And the multitudes marveled, saying,
“It was never seen like this in Israel!””
(Matthew 9:32 – 33)

The man had two problems:
He couldn’t speak
And he was demon possessed

Jesus dealt with ONE


Surely He needed to minister to the man’s throat?
That’s what we might expect to do

Now what I am about to say
Is NOT always TRUE

And what I mean by that
Is that you can’t apply this logic in every case

BUT sometimes…
Something LIKE an inability to speak
Has NOTHING to do with the person’s
Throat or voice box (Larynx)

In this man’s case
His physical problem
Was as a result of a spiritual problem

Jesus cast out the demon
(The spiritual problem)
And the man could now speak
(The physical problem was NO MORE)

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