Do you need Jesus? Then follow Him

“Those who are well
have no need of a physician,
but those who are sick.
I did not come to call
the righteous, but sinners,
to repentance.”
(Mark 2:17)

“As He passed by,
He saw Levi the
son of Alphaeus
sitting at the tax office.
And He said to him,
“Follow Me.”
So he arose and
followed Him.”
(Mark 2:14)

For many people
This passage is offensive…

“Are you saying that I am a sinner?”
“I never did any wrong”
“I have never wronged anyone
In my life”
“I am a good person”

Righteous people DO NOT need Jesus

Though, hopefully you will realise
That this is talking about

True righteousness comes
From Jesus
And came when He died
Upon the cross

He TOOK our sin
And GAVE us
His righteousness

In order to properly
Understand and receive
This teaching in Mark 2
You must first be able to
Acknowledge that you
Were born in SIN

Every single one of us
Came into this world
As a sinner
Born after Adam

Jesus was the only
Since He is the
Second Adam
Born of a virgin
Without sin

As such then…
We NEED Jesus
In order to be righteous

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