Do you know who you are…?

Now on this WhatsApp or if you are
Reading this on my website
The answer probably is:
“I am a Christian!”

Since most people would guess
That that is what I mean
Or the kind of answer I am looking for

But seriously, leaving the supposed
Correct answer to one side,
“Do you KNOW who you are…?

Hopefully you will have noticed
That I phrased the question
Slightly differently…

So think about it for a while…
STOP and think about your answer
And while you think
Consider this:

“Then the disciples came to Jesus privately and said,
“Why could we not cast it out?”
So Jesus said to them,
“Because of your unbelief;
for assuredly, I say to you,
if you have faith as a mustard seed,
you will say to this mountain,
‘Move from here to there,’
and it will move;
and nothing will be impossible for you.
However, this kind does not go out
except by prayer and fasting.””
(Matthew 17:19 – 21)

Jesus HAD already given the Disciples
The power and the ability, through the Holy Spirit
To “Cast Out demons”

YET, in this instance, they could NOT

NOW, do you suppose that the Disciples
KNEW who they were?

By this point some of you may be saying:
“Well I know that I am a Christian…
But I have never cast a demon out of anyone…”

And you could possibly add a number of other
Comments after that one
About what you may or may not have done…

Let me put it another way
Do you identify with Adam or with Jesus?
Do you think about what you CAN’T do…
Since you are a mere man or woman?
Or do you think:
“I can do all things through Christ
Who strengthens me”

These Disciples HAD experience of
Casting demons out of people
Yet Jesus challenged their faith and belief
Which needed prayer and fasting to make
Them perfect
(Perfect faith and perfect belief)

So do you know who you are?
Or do you just think you know?

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