Do you ever make a mistake…?

Do you ever make a mistake
Convinced that you are right
Only to find that you were wrong
And don’t know how to fix it…?

Well yesterday I spoke about how Jesus
Treated the woman whose daughter
Was demon possessed…
And consistently referred to her as
The Syrophoenician woman…
Eventhough the passage states that
She was a Caananite woman…

If you are reading this on my
Then scroll to the top of the page
And click on the sermon tab
And take the dropdown for Sermons – 2020
And listen to Sunday 16th August 2020
Entitled Matthew 15:10 – 28

As I lay in my bed this morning
Talking with my heavenly Daddy
I thought about what I had said
And was concerned that some
Might dismiss the whole teaching
Because of a simple mistake, on my part

Easily fixed, if I just re-preached the sermon
But then, I don’t preach a written sermon

For the last year I have just been
“Getting up and preaching”
So to speak…

My preparation time has been
The previous 40 years
Since I accepted Jesus as my personal
Lord and Saviour
And in fact you could say
My almost 60 years on planet earth

So trying to replace “Syrophoenician”
With “Caananite” was not going to happen

Instead I have chosen this path
And humble myself and own up
To my mistake

And as I thought about this
While talking with Daddy
He started bringing so much revelation to me

I, like the Caananite woman or even
The Syrophoenician woman
Or indeed even Cornelius
Am NOT a Jew

I do NOT naturally belong in God’s family
And yet that screams of how much
He LOVES me and chose to die for me
A “dog”!

I am NOT part of His family, by birth
Yet I am by adoption and grace
He has grafted me into His family
And I am a co-heir with Christ
Which means I receive ALL the benefits
As if I WERE a SON by birth

And that just blew my mind
First thing this morning
Talking with my Daddy

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