Do not fear, little flock

“Do not fear, little flock,
for it is your Father’s good pleasure
to give you the kingdom.”
(Luke 12:32)

Jesus is talking to His disciples
Sheep are collectively known as a flock
His tone and words are comforting, encouraging, supportive
Jesus and His Father, our FatherDescribes a close family relationship

This picture is still true for us today
God wants us to have that close familiar relationship with Him
We are His sheep and we hear His voice
As sheep, we should have everything in common with each other
None of us are better than the other
We are, after all, SHEEP

And the Father wants to give us the kingdom
It is His desire, His good pleasure, to bless us
With GOOD things
So therefore, “Do not fear”

It is ONLY through relationship that we learn to trust
As we get to know someone, anyone
Spend time with them and fellowship
We get to understand, believe and love them
This is TRUE for God too

If we have a problem with God
It is because we do not KNOW Him
Because we DO NOT spend time with Him
We are often too busy to take the time, to be with Him
And THIS is so easily remedied
We choose to MAKE time, to SPEND time with Him

And in this way we KNOW that we are His SHEEP
And as SHEEP we HEAR His voice
And we DO NOT fear
And the kingdom is OURS
Because it is His GOOD pleasure to give it to us

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