Do I go to God for what I can get?

Do I go to God for what I can get?
Or do I come to Him, for Him…?

Do we actually want to KNOW God…?
We know and believe He exists
We know that He is there
But do we actually WANT to get to KNOW Him…?

Seems a strange thing to ask, I know
But as I talk with people
And listen to how people speak
I think that very few of them
Actually KNOW God…

Now I can and need to KNOW Him better
For myself
I haven’t arrived
But at least I KNOW that I am on the way
To knowing Him fully
As I speak with Him on a daily basis

And this is NOT because I am a minister
Definitely not
But it is a relationship I have with Him
Which involves fellowship
Spending time with Him
“Hanging out”
With Jesus, Father and Holy Spirit
As a Christian

He loves me and died for me
I love Him for loving me
He is my everything
And I cannot live this life without Him

There are things that I do
And choices that I make
That might make you wonder
But everything I do is with Him in mind
And I am constantly checking with Him
About which way I should go
And trust that He has all of me
Covered by all of Him

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