Dealing with past hurts

For many, what I am about to write
Will not apply to them

Most will have an understanding
Of what I am saying
But maybe only a few
Will be able to relate

For some this may cause
Deep seated hurts to arise
Or simply to remember the same

These hurts are what I want
To address and suggest
How they may be resolved

Something which I still struggle
With myself
But know that the answer
Or at least an answer
Is available…

The obvious answer can be found
In Him, in Jesus

The problem is that WE
Have to choose to deal with it

And part of that “dealing with it”
Involves humbling ourselves
And asking Him for help…

For those who don’t understand
(And may still be reading this)
You may be shaking your head
In disbelief and thinking something like:
“Get over yourself”

But for those of us who “HURT”
It’s not as easy as that…
Otherwise I would not be writing this

Also, I feel I need to say at this point
That what I am going to share
Is NOT a complete answer

Many have tried to do this before me
And a multitude of books
Have been written on the subject

So let what I say minister to you
And take it as from Jesus
Not just from me

Jesus spoke in parables
Let me tell you two…

The first involves an ideal
That parents love us and care for us
Cuddle us, hold us and hug us
Showering us with love…

NOT TRUE in every case

The problem in this case
Is that memories are from
A long time ago

And in some cases the hurt
And the pain have an
Unknown source or starting point

Bad things have been “brushed away”
Denial of even having happened

And with that has come guilt
Condemnation and pain
A sense of worthlessness…
Of not measuring up…
Of not being “good enough”

In some this has caused
The child, now a man or woman
To be defeatist and lazy
Thinking of themselves as a failure

In others they have strived
To prove themselves as being
Better than everyone else

Yet in both…
The inner “truth”
(Which really is a “LIE”)
Is that they are a failure

The second is a story from
Many years ago…
When I was a School Teacher
In Northern Ireland

There was a child in my class
Who I had opportunity to speak to

God gave me a Word of Knowledge
About this child
Which I told them

I spoke to them about how
They were very athletic
And popular among the
Other children

About how they had
Many friends…

But then I went on to say
That all of this was a “lie”

That they really were a
Very lonely person…
They actually didn’t like sport
Even though they were
Good at it…

And what they “longed for”
Was ONE, true, close friend

At this point the child
(a teenager)
Burst into tears and said
That I was now the second person
Who truly knew who they were

The end result, in this encounter
Was me leading this person
To a saving faith and trust
In the Lord Jesus Christ

Two stories…
Two realities…
But the answer is the same

Some, perhaps many of us
Carry similar stories
But in order to be FREE…

With Jesus…

This may seem obvious
And certainly SIMPLE…

But when we carry hurts and fears
It can be oh so difficult
To even trust “Jesus”

It can be “hard” when you have
Been “hurt”…
And it can be “hard”

But as so many say
Or indeed so often you hear
Trust in the Lord…
(Proverbs 3:5)

So pray…
Speak to Him…

KNOWING the answer is one thing
Doing something about it…
Is quite something else

Another “means” is to use
The gift of Speaking in Tongues

Some may say that is “a cop out”
But press through until
You get release
And satisfaction…
And freedom…

As believers…
God is IN us and with us
But He is waiting for us to ASK…

He will not force Himself on us
He loves us too much

But because He loves us
He gently guides us
Into all truth

Giving us opportunities
To cry out to Him
To come alongside Him
And let Him “Love us”
In a way we have “longed for”
But felt we “NEVER” received

The best is…
When we come to Him
He continues to love us
For that is who He IS

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