Come away with Me…

“Come away with Me Alan”

I was sharing something recently
With a very good friend of mine

Talking about an uneasiness I had
Which resulted in me NOT going
To a meeting that I REALLY
Wanted to go to…

They said to me:
“Enjoy your own time with Him.
Perhaps that’s what He’s saying to you…
“Come away with Me Alan.” “

And so, this morning, I did…

I came away with Him…
To be alone with Him…
Jesus, the lover of my soul

Now…let’s be CLEAR on this
If that even is possible

And I will try my best to be

You DO NOT have to…
“Come away”
Or even “Go away”
To some secluded place

Your “going away”
Could take place in a very
Busy and noisy place

For me, this quite often
Is TRUE since I KNOW that
He is always with me
And will NEVER leave me…

But just sometimes…
Every so often…
I NEED to “get away”
With Him

And really that is because
I know ME…

I can be and usually am
So easily distracted by
Other things or even indeed
Other people

For instance…I need my
Computer and a reliable
Constant connection with
The internet…
In order to write this…
And successfully
Post It Online…

Yet in the middle of my busyness
I can “zone” / “shut”
Every distraction out
To be intimately aware of Him

But I find this “hard work”
At times…
And so it is easier for me
To simply “Come away”
Or “go” somewhere…

Having said that…
I was just thinking in the car
This morning, as I drove back
To write this…

That sometimes Jesus and I
Will have a conversation in
My spirit while I am preaching
And I NEVER miss a beat…

What I mean by that…
As best as I can put it…
Is that while I am preaching
A sermon I am also having
A conversation with Him
In my spirit

Just on Sunday past
I knew I made a mistake
And said something
Grammatically incorrect…

But was laughing about it
With Jesus, while I
Continued to preach

Noone else was any the wiser
But I was with Him and He
With me, in that instance

So you CAN be WITH Him
Whenever and where ever
You choose to be…

Just CHOOSE to take
Those moments…
Or to make some time…
To be intimate with Him

So I know He was saying to me:
“Come away with Me Alan”

What about you…?
Will YOU…
“Come away with Him?”

For He is calling YOU by name
“Come away with Me [YOUR name]”

Will YOU…?

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