How can I KNOW which way to go…?

It all depends on how you see God!

Is He a loving Heavenly Father,
Daddy, who absolutely loves you
Whose love is unfailing towards you
And will NEVER be shaken…?
(Isaiah 54:10 NIV)

Or is He a mean angry God
Who is waiting for you to make a mistake
So that He can pounce on you and punish you?

Or perhaps some other permutation
That is a combination of both
Or even something else

The important thing is…
The way you SEE God
Determines how you act
In relation to Him

I used to be the kind of person
Who thought that there was a
Right way and a wrong way
Pretty much – Black and White

Most of my choices were made out of FEAR
Fear of making a mistake…
Fear of getting it wrong…
I told myself that it was
Because I didn’t want to displease HIM
I didn’t want to let Him down
I was being cautious for His benefit

The reality was that I was afraid
Of doing exactly that – Displeasing Him
And as a result – I would be PUNISHED

Now you may not be like that
And there are many reasons why
I thought like that
We all have “history”, a past
Perhaps, though, a bit of “The Blame Game”
Not being prepared to take
RESPONSIBILITY for our OWN actions

Over a series of examples
And indeed YEARS…
God showed me how He is really like

He showed me how HE views CHOICE

Most people sit at Traffic lights
Waiting for them to turn GREEN
So that they KNOW they can GO

God wants you to ASSUME that
They are already GREEN – and go
MOVE in whatever direction
YOU may choose

IF you are WRONG
Or perhaps ill advised to go that way
God will turn the Traffic Lights RED
And so STOP you in your tracks

A ship, boat, yacht in a harbour
Or at a jetty is difficult to turn
However, even if it is only
Moving slowly – it is easy to veer
Off course at the touch of the wheel

The thing is – MOVE!!
DO something…

It is easier for God to direct you
If you are MOVING
Even if you are going in the opposite
Direction, than the one He wants you to go in

If you don’t believe me
Just read the story of Jonah and Nineveh
(Jonah Chapters 1 – 4)

Most people who drive are familiar
With SatNav – I’m sure even those
Who don’t drive know about it
Through SmartPhones

Some people like to test them
(Or is it just me…?)
By going against them
Travelling in a different direction
Than what they advise or recommend

The result is that the App
Or the machine – issues a NEW
Set of directions

God loves us SO much
That He wants us to be happy
He chooses to walk with us

YES – you read that right
Or maybe you NEED to re-read
That last line – (I’ll write it again)
“He chooses to walk with us”

NOT that He doesn’t want
Us to walk with Him
But He is NOT limited
By OUR choices

When we are HIS
He WILL guide us
Because He loves us

And for many of us
That takes a while getting used to
For we are NOT familiar with
That picture of love

But He will and He does
Love us and guide us
So go ahead and CHOOSE
To DO something…
Or GO somewhere…
Anywhere, anything

The lights ARE green
The boat is MOVING
The SatNav is WORKING
God will NEVER leave you…

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