By GRACE you have been saved through FAITH…

Ephesians 2:8

“Without FAITH it is impossible to please Him”
(Hebrews 11:6)

“Have FAITH in God”
(Mark 11:22)
Is what Jesus said to His disciples.

But what is FAITH?
And, what is GRACE?

One way of describing these words
Is by considering them as acronyms
This is my opinion
It works best for me
The meanings, that I will give, are NOT complete
But they give me an idea of what these two words mean

But first, by way of explanation, let me paint you a picture…

Imagine you are standing looking at a crossroads
A perfect crossroads
North, South, East, West

As you observe the crossroads
You see four people standing within 50 metres of the crossroads
One at the North looking South
One at the South looking North
One at the West looking East
One at the East looking West

As they stand looking at the crossroads
A car accident, involving two cars, takes place
Right in the middle of the crossroads…

ALL four people observe the accident
ALL four people are witnesses
BUT each person SEES a different picture

Because their position is different
They are seeing the same thing
But each from a different angle

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John recorded the life of Jesus
Different accounts but the same story

In a similar way
Let me say a few words about GRACE and FAITH

GRACE – is God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense
EVERYTHING that God has provided for us
JESUS has paid the price for
There is absolutely NOTHING for us to do
In order to SAVE ourselves
Jesus has done it ALL

FAITH – is Forsaking All I Trust Him
There is, of course, one thing we can do
Have FAITH in God
Trust HIM
Trust that He has done enough
Trust that He has done it all

Believe and be SAVED by GRACE through FAITH

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