Breaking Bread

Do we truly have an understanding
About what this is?

I can and will quote a number
Of scripture verses
From the Bible…

But surely, for the Christian
We should not only know
What this refers to…
But we should also have
A fuller understanding
Of what it means
And what it stands for…

And yet, sad to say
And indeed for so many
It has become yet another
“Religious” ceremony
Which has become devoid
Of any power that God
Originally intended it

“And they continued steadfastly
in the apostles’ doctrine
and fellowship,
in the breaking of bread,
and in prayers.”
(Acts 2:42)

“So continuing daily
with one accord in the temple,
and breaking bread
from house to house”
(Acts 2:46)

So hopefully
You will have realised
That “Breaking Bread”
Is talking about
Holy Communion

The first Disciples
Did this OFTEN…
Sometimes DAILY…
And ALWAYS when they
Met together…

“Now on the first
day of the week,
when the disciples
came together to break bread,
ready to depart the next day,
spoke to them
and continued his message
until midnight.”
(Acts 20:7)

Please read this verse again…

Did you SEE what it said?

They came together
On a Sunday
The first day of the week…

The great PAUL
Was with them…
And preached (spoke)
To them until midnight

And as wonderful as that was
They DID NOT meet together
To HEAR Paul…

But rather to “BREAK BREAD”

So WHY is this so important?
What happens when we
Break Bread?

In order to have a fuller
Understanding of the
Importance of
Breaking Bread
We need to go back into
The Old Testament…

And in particular to
Exodus chapter 12…

Exodus 12 teaches us
About the Passover…

The children of Israel
Have been in Egypt
And used as slaves…

As such they were not
Well looked after…
And would have been beaten
And forced to work
By the Egyptians…

God sent a number
Of plagues against
The Egyptians since
Pharaoh would NOT
Let the children of Israel
LEAVE Egypt…

Now before the final plague
Which took the firstborn
Of every household…
Both man and beast…
God told the Israelites

You can also read
About what happened
In Egypt, at this time
In Psalm 105
And in particular
From verse 23 to 38

“He also brought them out
with silver and gold,
And there was none feeble
among His tribes.”
(Psalm 105:37)

This verse speaks about
The children of Israel
AFTER they had taken
The first PASSOVER…
The night before
The final plague struck
The firstborn of
The Egyptians…

“There was none feeble”

Remember, they had been
Treated as slaves…
Worked hard…
Ill treated…

But after PASSOVER…
“There was none feeble”

Passover involved the
Eating of a lamb…

John the Baptist talked
About Jesus as being
The Lamb of God who
Takes away the sin of
The world…
(John 1:29)

And Jesus Himself said:
“Then Jesus said to them,
“Most assuredly, I say to you,
unless you eat the flesh
of the Son of Man
and drink His blood,
you have no life in you” “
(John 6:53)

So as a result of partaking
Of the Passover…
“There was none feeble”

And Jesus is known
As the Lamb of God

And we are to eat
His flesh and
drink His blood…
As we do in
Holy Communion…
As we do when we
“Break Bread”…

The first Disciples
Realised the importance
Of Breaking Bread…
From their Jewish roots…
For the healing of
Their bodies…

Breaking Bread…
Holy Communion…
Produces “life”
Just as Jesus said…
Life and health
And wholeness…

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