Book reading – 14th October 2020

Over this past week
Since last Thursday
I have read two books:
“The Torn Veil”
“Fearless in the Forest”

What has impacted me most
About both books
Is how the women
(Who the books were about)
Were totally sold out for Jesus

Not simply saved
But had a living and active
Daily walk with Him

They relied on Him
Not simply to talk to
But to depend upon
In every day living

Sometimes in miraculous ways

The first, born a Muslim
Living in Pakistan
Semi-paralysed shortly after birth
As a result of Typhoid

To having an encounter with Jesus
In a vision in the middle of the night
And being healed by Him
And so becoming a Christian
In a Muslim world

The second, born and raised in Northern Ireland
Called of God to darkest Africa
As a missionary nurse
Working in the Congo
For 50 years of her life

Whatever you do in life
Determine not to settle for second best
Pursue God and live life to the full
Empowered and directed by Him
In all you do and say…

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