Bodily exercise profits a little…

“For bodily exercise profits a little,
but godliness is profitable for all things
having promise of the life that now is
and of that which is to come.”
(1 Timothy 4:8)

We would do well to read 1 Timothy 4:6 – 11
In light of what I am about to talk about.

God has been speaking to me about the following:

  • Routine
  • Discipline
  • Discipleship
  • Habit

We live in a world that is obsessed with weight
Industries have flourished on “helping” people with their weight

Part of the answer is really very simple:
“We eat more than we need more often than we need it”

We all, occasionally enjoy a big meal
At a party
Out for dinner
A celebration

But ONE big meal, never made anyone FAT
Rather, big meals again and again and again…
WILL and have…

And this brings us back to:
Routine, discipline, discipleship and Habit

We are creatures of habit
Whether we like it or not
But what we are not always so aware of
Is that habits can change

Change into NEW habits
NEW and better routines
Through discipline and discipleship

Part of the problem is that we CAN’T
No matter how hard we try
We just CAN’T

AGAIN – look at the “food” and “healthy eating” industries

We may be successful
For a while
But we find it next to impossible to maintain

So what is the answer?
I hear you say

Well along with
Routine, discipline, discipleship and habit
God also spoke to me about Core Values

I CAN’T but HE (God) CAN

For a Christian
This should be obvious
We KNOW we need Him
We KNOW we cannot SAVE ourselves

But just as we cannot SAVE ourselves eternally
Neither can we SAVE ourselves in anything else
Indeed the sooner we get to the place
When we realise that:
I can’t but He can
He will be able to change us – effortlessly

As with so much in life
We spend our time treating the “fruit”
Instead of dealing with the “root”

We try and get rid of the weight
But should admit that we cannot do it ourselves
And surrender to His way of doing things

1 Timothy 4:8
A little bodily exercise may be of some value
But godliness is profitable for ALL things

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