Before I was born…

Before I was in my mother’s womb…
He KNEW me”
Before I formed you in the womb I knew you”
(Jeremiah 1:5)

It was only very recently
That God brought this verse
ALIVE to me

I knew it well
Indeed it is echoed, in various forms,
Through the entire Bible
Isaiah 44:24
Isaiah 49:15
Psalm 71:6
Psalm 139:13
Galatians 1:15
To name a few…

But it came ALIVE to me
When I received revelation on it
It exploded in my heart
“Before I was IN my mother’s womb
He KNEW me”

He KNEW that I was coming
Into the world
And He was PLEASED with me
Before I even took my first breath
Before even, me as a foetus,
Started to look human

And the reason WHY this was SO
Important to me
Was that all the NEGATIVE words that
Were spoken over me and my life
From the time of my being birthed
Until today

Were not important
Compared to KNOWING that He
LOVED me and LOVES me

I am sure I am not alone
That many people carry hurts
From their past…
Hurts of rejection…
Memories of things spoken in anger…
Physical actions that have hurt them…

But no matter what these are…
Or how bad they are or were…
In comparison with the LOVE of God
They pale into insignificance

And I can ONLY say that
Because of the revelation of His
LOVE for ME – before I was IN
My mother’s womb – He KNEW me

I was NOT an accident
He KNEW I was coming
And He WAS glad
And THAT blesses me

So PRAY for revelation
And you too can have peace
Peace in and with yourself
And peace and acceptance with
God who loves you
And wants you to be with Him

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