Be still and know that I am God

Psalm 46:10

New regime for me 
With my “walk with the Lord”
Led, I believe, by the Holy Spirit

Early mornings has always been my “time”
Rarely have I needed an Alarm Clock to waken me
As I usually “Get Up” anywhere between 5:30 and 7:00am
Sometimes it could be 3:00am
And occasionally as late as 8:00am
But for me, I am a “morning” person

So I have been up and out walking this week
Time with the Lord
Him and me
The “exercise” is secondary
If I lose weight
It will be a bonus
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…

But today was different
Partly because He was reminding me:
“You cannot burn the candle at both ends”
So I went out to the back of the rectory…

The temptation to just lie in bed and pray in tongues – was immense!
But get up – I did
And out I went
And I am so GLAD that I did

He impressed on me just to be still and observe
Look around me
I took a couple of photos
With the early rising sun blazing away

Looking across the valley of Upper lough Erne
Towards the hills, basked in early morning mist
Some flimsy, low lying clouds
Taking in the detail of nature and how man has adapted it
Listening to the sound of vehicles in the background
But so, so aware of the bird song

Looking at the sheep in the field behind the rectory
Them looking at me
And remaining where they were

As I leaned upon the fence
Looking at this beautiful scene
Praying for a time in tongues
I looked down
At the grass
Literally just in front of me

I started to focus on the grass
On one particular clump
And became aware of ALL the life that was there
A space of no more than about a foot square
(Or 30cm square for those who think in metric)

The fly’s or bugs
About 10 or 20 of them
Going about their life
Totally oblivious of me or the sheep, for that matter

I could “step on” that piece of ground
And many, if not most, of them would cease to exist
And yet He made them…
For “why?”, I know not
But there is a purpose

And I was caught up in the moment – with Him
And began to understand more fully…
And to see things more clearly…
Because I took the time…

I can glibly say,
“It’s ALL about Him”
And we all will agree
But we have got it so “out of whack”
(Not sure if that’s the right phrase)

Just TAKE TIME people
If only for 5 minutes
And look around you

Let HIM – Father, Son or Holy Spirit
SHOW you what’s out there
Put “things” into perspective
REALISE that unless you start with Him
Not out of religion, or form, or tradition, or LAW…
You ARE doing it in YOUR strength

And even though He still loves you and always will
That’s NOT what He wants

He wants YOU
And when you have HIM
THEN things will change – effortlessly

And all these THINGS will be given onto you
By BEING still and KNOWING that He IS God

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