Be still and know that I am God

Psalm 46:10

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves
That HE is GOD…

For some people…
Perhaps for most…
PRAYER is really important!

But what God means and understands by PRAYER
May not and usually isn’t what we understand and mean by PRAYER

Some believe that God knows NOTHING…

Others think that PRAYER is a one-sided conversation
We ASK, plead sometimes,
Shout often, after all God is “far away” and may not hear us…
Or the “heaven’s are as brass”
And we need to be sure that He GETS our request

BUT, how often do we sit and wait…
For Him to REPLY?
How often do we hear His “still, small voice”…
And then SHARE what He has said to us?

Most “prayer meetings” are one-sided:
Us speaking to God
How refreshing it must be to be present at “prayer meetings”
When God speaks to the group or individuals present.

Maybe He does but people are too shy or afraid to share
“What will people think of me, if I share that”
Instead of saying, “WOW – God just answered my prayer
This is what He said…”

In order to HEAR God we MUST first be STILL and listen…
And BELIEVE and EXPECT Him to speak to us
Not very often in an audible voice
But within us, deep in our hearts
“MY sheep KNOW My voice”
(John 10)

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