Be careful who you listen to

“His countenance was like lightning,
and his clothing as white as snow.
And the guards shook for fear of him,
and became like dead men.”
(Matthew 28:3 – 4)

This refers to the angel
That rolled away the stone
From the opening of the tomb
That had held the body of Jesus

“Now while they were going, behold,
some of the guard came into the city
and reported to the chief priests
all the things that had happened.
When they had assembled with
the elders and consulted together,
they gave a large sum of money
to the soldiers, saying, “Tell them,
‘His disciples came at night
and stole Him away while we slept.’
And if this comes to the
governor’s ears,
we will appease him
and make you secure.”
So they took the money
and did as they were instructed;
and this saying is commonly
reported among the Jews
until this day.”
(Matthew 28:11 – 15)

These verses in Matthew 28
Are often rushed over as people
Want to get to the “important”
Parts of the Gospel

But as I have said so often
“Pay attention to the detail”

We can MISS so much in our
Haste to get to the important parts

The soldiers “became like dead men”
They DIDN’T die…
But appeared to die

MAJOR difference…
Since some of these same soldiers
Reported to the chief priests
EVERYTHING that had happened
At the tomb on that first
Easter morning

And HERE is the crux of my Devotional
This morning…
Who’s report will you pay attention to?
Who’s account will you believe?
Who will you listen to?

A few women who probably were
Followers of Jesus anyway…
Or the Roman soldiers of King Herod?

Surely the “word” of Roman soldiers
Carried more authority than a few

Now before you get offended
At my writing…

STOP and think about who
You listen to day by day…

Do you listen to the tittle-tattle
That goes around so easily
And so frequently…?

Are you quick to share what you
Have heard, though not quite
Sure exactly what was said…?

Do you take as “gospel” what
You hear on the News…
After all they are speaking
On National Television
Or in the Daily Papers…?

Or do you listen to what
Jesus SAYS…?

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