Attacks will come

How well do you KNOW God?

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart
And lean not on your OWN understanding”
(Proverbs 3:5)

Rather – LEAN on your understanding of HIM
HE is God
HE is faithful
Whatever HE says or has said (The Bible) is TRUE
And CAN be relied upon

The question is: “Do you believe it?”

Now we can very glibly say:
“Yes, of course I believe it”
But do we really?

The Bible tells us that:
“The just shall live by faith”
(Hebrews 10:38)

But we also have five senses:
See, Taste, Hear, Smell and Feel

And these five senses have such a STRONG hold on many/most of us
They, our senses, have governed our lives
For we have identified ourselves as being natural, carnal beings

But if you are born again
A believer in the Lord Jesus Christ
Then you are called to live according to the spirit
NOT according to the flesh or the carnal nature.

Attacks WILL come…
Attacks in the form of sickness
And we will have a CHOICE…

Do we believe what we can see, taste, hear, smell or feel?
Or do we believe what God says?
Do we rely on our own knowledge and understanding?
Or do we believe and trust in our knowledge and understanding of God?

Whatever we choose – He will still love us and accept us.
But whatever we choose will have different results

I know for me what my choice is
What about you…?

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