Apple of His eye

According to Wikipedia:
“The phrase apple of my eye 
Refers in English today to something
Or someone that one cherishes
Above all others.”

And yet this phrase comes directly
From the Bible and occurs
In four places:

“For the Lord’s portion is His people;
Jacob is the place of His inheritance.
“He found him in a desert land
And in the wasteland, a howling wilderness;
He encircled him, He instructed him,
He kept him as the apple of His eye.
As an eagle stirs up its nest,
Hovers over its young,
Spreading out its wings, taking them up,
Carrying them on its wings,
So the Lord alone led him,
And there was no foreign god with him.“
He made him ride in the heights of the earth,
That he might eat the produce of the fields;
He made him draw honey from the rock,
And oil from the flinty rock;”
(Deuteronomy 32:9 – 13)
(Verse 10)

You may need to read most of Deuteronomy 32
To understand the context of what is being said

But suffice it to say that God considered
Jacob as the “apple of His eye”
And by inheritance, through and in Jesus
WE also are the “apple of His eye”

“O You who save those who trust in You
From those who rise up against them.
Keep me as the apple of Your eye;
Hide me under the shadow of Your wings,”
(Psalm 17:7 & 8)

“My son, keep my words,
And treasure my commands within you.
Keep my commands and live,
And my law as the apple of your eye.
Bind them on your fingers;
Write them on the tablet of your heart.
Say to wisdom, “You are my sister,”
And call understanding your nearest kin,”
(Proverbs 7:1 – 4)

This passage describes God’s Word
And commands as being
The apple of His eye

Something that is of importance
And highly treasured

In a similar way
The previous two passages:
Deuteronomy 32 and Psalm 17
Are referring to us
As being the “apple of His eye”
And so likewise are considered
As being of much worth and value

As does this final passage:
“For thus says the Lord of hosts:
“He sent Me after glory,
to the nations which plunder you;
for he who touches you
touches the apple of His eye.”
(Zechariah 2:8)

I woke in the middle of the night
Around 3:00am
(So much for the extra hour in bed)
And I wondered what God
Was going to say to me
As it was the middle of the night
And He has done that
So many times in my past
And they have been
Significant times and sayings

And He put the phrase in my heart
“Apple of My eye”
And the above and what will follow
Come from that

So many of us, in life
And as a result of hurts and rejections
In and through life
Have a bad view of ourselves

How could anyone love “ME”?
Why was such a sorry person like me
Even born, in the first place

Stated like that
It is obvious to see how
We can have such a bad view of ourselves

And yet God
Considers us as the “Apple of His eye”

He made us
He created us
And He created us – “For His pleasure”
(Revelation 4:11)

God ONLY created anything
That was GOOD
And we read about it
In Genesis chapter 1
In the story of creation

So when Jesus died upon the cross
He did so not just because He is love
But because WE were worth dying for

After all, we were His creation
The “Apple of His eye”
Definitely worth dying for

And that view,
That phrase
Changes everything

Almighty God LOVES ME

My Father, Abba, Daddy God
Loves ME
Jesus, His Son
My brother
Died for ME
Because He loves ME
The Holy Spirit indwells ME
Empowers ME
Clothes ME in His love

For God
Father, Son and Holy Spirit

And I am the “Apple of His eye”
A treasured possession
Of great value
And of much worth

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