Anointed with Oil

“You prepare a table before me
in the presence of my enemies;
You anoint my head with oil;
My cup runs over.”
(Psalm 23:5)

Many know Jesus as:
Jesus Christ
Almost as if it is
His first name and surname

But the term “Christ”
Means “Anointed One”

And so rather than calling
Jesus – Jesus Christ
He is Jesus “The Anointed One”

As Christians we then are also
“Anointed Ones”

But anointed for what?

Are we going to be crucified
Just like Jesus was?

Obviously not, as there
Have been many Christians
Since the days of Jesus
And they were not crucified

So what does this mean then?

Another misconception that
People have is that Jesus
Came to earth so that we
Could go to heaven…

Now it is true that if you
Are born again through
Believing in Jesus as
Your Lord and Saviour
That you WILL go to heaven…

But that is not what
Jesus came for…

Jesus came to bring heaven
To earth so that we could
Have a relationship with God
Right now…

He told His Disciples how
To pray…
By saying, when you pray say:
“Our Father”

We are meant to approach God
Like we know Him…
A close personal relationship
Right NOW…

Not a distant angry God…
But a loving heavenly Father…

Then in the prayer Jesus
Showed the purpose for
His coming and our continued
Purpose, even today…

“Thy kingdom come
Thy will be done
On EARTH as it is in HEAVEN”

Jesus was anointed to bring
Heaven to earth…

When Jesus was baptised
By John in the river Jordan
He received the baptism of the
Holy Spirit and started to
Bring heaven to earth
Through the miracles
That He did…

When we are baptised with
The same Holy Spirit
We receive the power of God
And can perform miracles too

Since we are anointed ones
Just as Jesus was anointed…

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