Angels (in modern day life)

Angels are more than people think they are:
Big, tall men.
Strong and powerful.
With wings.

As true as this is, it doesn’t even come close.
We judge them from a human perspective, how we see things
Rather than looking into the divine and seeing them how God sees them.

Angels include the Cherubim and Seraphim
who are huge, majestic, mighty warriors
and protectors of all that God assigns to them
Some are ministering angels for us (Hebrews 1:14).

On that first Easter morning
there appeared to be a great earthquake
An angel of the Lord descended and rolled the stone away
(Matthew 28:2)

The stone which had been made secure and was guarded (Matthew 27:65 – 66) by soldiers

People have seen angels – as men.
Two stories I’m aware of involve young women who were totally unaware of their presence.

Yet those who saw the women (or rather woman)
also saw the big strong men that were with her
In both cases, the woman found herself in a vulnerable position
As a Christian she was relying on the Lord and trusting in His protection
Not necessarily that she called on angels – but was trusting in God nevertheless.

The first involved a woman who was returning home
after an extended night of Praise and Worship, in her church
She normally took a bus,
which she did now – but it was the last bus she was waiting for.

As she waited at the bus stop
a number of men started to heckle her
from the other side of the street
She tried to ignore them and prayed inwardly
as she stood there all alone

They kept on shouting but remained on their side of the street
Thankfully the bus arrived and she got on and went home safely

A number of weeks later some of those same men arrived at her church
And during the evening service, heard, believed and responded to the message of the Gospel
And made a decision to trust in Jesus as their own personal Saviour and Lord

As she celebrated with them, on their decision,
they apologised to her for that night at the bus stop

She asked them, “Why did you stay at your side of the street?”
“Sure, you were with those four big guys – we weren’t going to mess with them”
Astonished she assured them that she was standing at the bus stop on her own…

The second involved a woman who took a shortcut down an alley late at night
She was closer to home and felt she was safe

At the end of the alley she saw a man who looked strange,
even a bit threatening
But she prayed as she continued to walk
And he stayed where he was as she passed by him

The next day it was reported in the News
that a young woman had been attacked in that same alley twenty minutes later

In due course a man was arrested
and the woman who passed by safely
went and told her story to the Police

She picked the man out of a line-up and he was duly charged
During his questioning he was asked why he hadn’t attacked the first woman who passed him
He told the Police that he had cowered away
as she was not alone but was with three tall hard looking men…

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