And He was…

“And He was
there in the wilderness forty days,
tempted by Satan,
and was with the wild beasts;
and the angels ministered to Him.
Now after John was put in prison,
Jesus came to Galilee,
preaching the gospel
of the kingdom of God”
(Mark 1:13 -14)

These two verses look like
The Sermon Notes
I used to write…

Bullet Points

The difference is that I would
Have then used these same
Bullet Points to develop
And expand upon to
Make a Sermon

Mark, however, does NOT
Expand upon these verses

He just leaves them as they are


I do not believe that Matthew, Mark
Luke and John sat down together
To write their accounts of the life
Of Jesus…

I believe they did so
Independently of each other
Quite possibly unaware of what
Each of the others were doing…

God, on the other hand, knew exactly
What each of them was doing

And I know that some of you
Are now saying:
“Of course He did, He IS God!”
“He knows everything”

TRUE, He does…
But sometimes we just need
To remind ourselves of this FACT

Because just as God was working
In Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
He is working in YOUR life NOW
As well…

God does not simply KNOW all things
He is interested in YOU…

So as far as the Gospels are concerned
God knew how Mark would write
But He also knew how Matthew, Luke
And John would write too
As He was inspiring them to write
Through the Holy Spirit

Which is HOW He speaks to us today

By and through the inspiration
Of the Holy Spirit

And again, DO NOT be tempted to say:
“Who am I? I am not a Gospel writer”

Believe it or not…
Neither did they believe that

They “felt” led to write…
And they did

Are you open to God speaking to you?
Because He is…

But will you ACT upon what He tells you?

It may be writing
It may not

It could involve ACTION of some kind…
Go here…
Do that…
Speak to this person…
Help that person…


But what I do KNOW
Is that He (God, Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit)
Is speaking to YOU…

Now WHAT will YOU DO with THAT…?

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