And as He walked…

“And as He walked by the Sea of Galilee”
(Mark 1:16)

Jesus walked…

Of course He did
There was no other
Means of transport

I suppose He could
Have used a donkey
Or the foal of a donkey
Or a camel
Or a horse…

But He didn’t…
He walked…

He went about His life
Walking here and there
Going about His business…

Just like we do

In ways there was nothing
Special about Him…

Certainly, we KNOW
That He was the Son of God

But the people that saw Him
And especially in His early days
Saw a man walking…
And this day…
He was walking by the Sea of Galilee

The difference was…
That Jesus walked with a purpose

He knew that He had a purpose
A reason for being on the earth
He was on a mission
(Which is what we might say)

NOW before I go any further
Let me ask you a question
Or perhaps a couple of questions:

Do you KNOW why you are here?

Do you have a purpose…?
A reason for being here?

And assuming you do know
What that reason or purpose is…
Are you fulfilling it?

Are you listening to God?
Or perhaps Jesus in particular?
And doing what He wants you to do?

This is where it gets really EASY…

Since the main thing that Jesus
Wants for you..
Is for you to spend time with Him

That’s it…
Jesus wants YOU to have a relationship
With Him…

“And as He walked by the Sea of Galilee,
He saw Simon and Andrew his brother
casting a net into the sea;
for they were fishermen.
Then Jesus said to them,
“Follow Me,
and I will make you
become fishers of men.”
They immediately left their nets
and followed Him.”
(Mark 1:16 – 18)

Jesus DID call them for a purpose
The purpose of being…
“Fishers of men”

But He first called them
Which meant being WITH Him
Spending time with Jesus

Are YOU spending time
With Jesus…?

The Disciples could ONLY achieve
Their purpose because they first
Spent TIME with Jesus

Do NOT make the mistake
Of trying to fulfil His purpose
For your life…
Without first spending TIME
With Him…

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