An early morning FULL moon

I woke up this morning to be greeted by a beautiful scene
A FULL moon

I tried to capture the scene with my camera
But the naked eye far surpasses the camera

What should I do…
Maybe if I changed the focus…
Take a few pictures…

I ended up with eight


Be still and know that I am God
(Psalm 46:10)

Funny, really – as I quoted that verse a couple of days ago
Be STILL and watch and marvel
Let my mind and my eyes take in the beauty of what I was seeing

It was about 5:15am
I had been awake from around 4:00am
Gave up trying to get back to sleep

I had been thinking a lot
Probably why I was having short sleep
Not that I was worried or concerned
But simply thinking a lot

Thinking about life
About my hobbies and past times
(All of which are God centred and directed)
As He takes all of me covered by all of Him

Knowing who I am in Him
Brings a peace that many people tear their hair out to find
A peace that comes simply by being focused on Him
In ALL things
Trusting that He guides my thoughts
And puts His desires in my heart

Learning not to fret and struggle with the things I think about
And actually realising that because I am IN Him
And He is IN me
My thoughts are His thoughts

Now before we get carried away here
YES – sometimes I get it wrong
Sometimes I make mistakes
But when I am aware of Him
Thinking about Him
Be it Daddy, Jesus or Holy Spirit
He IS directing MY thoughts

Not forcing me
But guiding me
And I go with Him
Because I WANT to

And again – YES I know He loves me
But I may not be consciously thinking that or about that
I just “Go with the flow”
Secure in the fact that because He is IN me and I IN Him
It’s OK…

And there was the Moon
Shining in all its glory
A full moon – in the early morning
Blue skies all around it
Watching it dip slowly into the hills
And disappear from view

A picture that He was showing me
And He loves me…
WOW – what a picture
WOW – what a God
WOW – revelation, at 5:15am

And it’s now 7:50am as I write this
And much fellowship has happened in between
And I laugh and smile – as I wrote that

Part of the time was spent watching Andrew’s Live Bible Study
From last night – talking about the love of God
Something we all can do with more of

I just had another thought there
Funny really
As I had been thinking about 3 John 2
And thought I was going to write a bit about that

But maybe or probably another time…

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