All the hairs on your head are numbered

Matthew 10:30
As I walked out this morning (in Lurgan Park)
I noticed something on the trees
When I took a closer look
I realised that they were “numbered”
Each tree had a disc stamped on it with a number on it

One of the things that has changed for me
Since having this “Quiet time”
First thing in the morning
And seeking Him first…
Is that I have paying greater attention to the detail

I have started to notice that there are many shades of “green”
I see trees in a new light
And take photographs
They amaze me and “speak to me”
And in this way
I fellowship with the Lord

At first reading
This may sound “daft”
But as I look and see and take it all in
I talk with Daddy (Father)
About what He has made
And how beautiful it all is

Then a thought comes to me
As He speaks to and with me
The trees are all numbered
This is “man’s” doing
But God already KNEW everyone of them

Why are we so concerned?
Do we NOT realise that God considers US more important than these trees?
These trees are important to Him
But WE are far more important to Him than them
Even the hairs on our head are numbered (Matthew 10:30)

He wants to talk with us…
Meet with us – daily
And He has promised to never leave us…
How better our day is
When we start it with Him

I know my day is…

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