All is not as it appears…

A beautiful sunny day yesterday
And we wake up to a misty, dull Monday morning today
And yet nothing has changed…

Why do we place such strong importance on the weather?
Because it makes me “feel good”, I hear you say
Or, “the weather depresses me”, is another one
Does this not bear witness that we are more carnal than we care to admit
We claim and profess to be spiritual
And yet live so much of our lives by what we can see, taste, hear, smell and feel

Or think of it another way
Which sun/Son do we worship?

(I must admit – I am pausing, at this point, before I continue with this post
Is this not a “sacred cow” that I should avoid?
After all, doesn’t everyone like a nice sunny day?
What bad is there in enjoying a lovely day?)

Hopefully, if you are still with me
You are beginning to THINK
And I am not going to suggest WHERE your thinking should take you
Rather, I will leave that up to Him

But when I say “Him”
Obviously I mean “God”
But which ever “face” of Him that you think of
May take you somewhere different

If it’s the “Father” who loves you
Blesses you and cares for you
That will be one direction…

If it’s “Jesus”, closer than a brother, who walks along beside you
The picture may be different…

And, of course, if it is the “Holy Spirit”
Then He may take you deeper than you ever thought of going…

So where does your thinking take you?

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