All has been restored

“And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying,
“All authority has been given to Me
in heaven and on earth.” “
(Matthew 28:18)

In Genesis the Fall came about
When Adam and Eve ate of the fruit
Of the tree of the knowledge
Of Good and Evil

They ate of the fruit that they were
Forbidden to eat…
And in so doing they disobeyed God

Their disobedience caused them
To LOSE their God given authority
In and over the earth

Satan HAD gained authority
In the earth because of that
Original SIN by Adam and Eve

But now Satan has NO authority
As Jesus has bought, paid
And WON it back

By Jesus dying on a cross
He paid the price for ALL sin
And through His death
And resurrection He was able
To take back that LOST authority

So Jesus as Son of God
Always had authority in heaven
But now as punished, crucified
Dead and resurrected Son of Man
Authority on earth was restored to Him

The resurrected Jesus was now truly
GOD in both heaven and earth
With authority in both heaven and earth

And so ALL authority is in and through
The Name of Jesus

As born again, spirit filled Christians
Jesus lives in us by His Spirit
And so is able to work in us
And through us by that same Spirit
With ALL authority

There is nothing you cannot do
In the Name of Jesus
As there is no longer any opposition
To you…
The devil is a defeated foe

Rise up Christians and rule and reign
As God has designed you to do
In Jesus Name. Amen.

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