A picture paints a thousand words

Why are we so concerned – about things that don’t matter
I thought the picture was lovely - cute

A picture paints a thousand words

And yet as I look at it now
it breaks my heart

And at the same time
It's like the babies are just "looking"
But the mother (I presume) is smiling

Which brings me back to 
My original comment

Be thankful for what you have got

And we do - I do - I am

And yet...
There is this LIFE...
This existence
That I can't control
That is so toxic
Because of the "Love"
That is missing in it

And - as I write
I am so, so aware
That this is true for so many
Even perhaps for you

I laugh...
Since the answer
Is to draw even closer to Him

Because it is ONLY in Him
that we can find any...

All others will give 
Worldly wisdom
Even some will give "their" 
Understanding of godly wisdom
Even quoting from Scripture

But more often than not
Incorrectly quoting from the Bible

The "words" are in there
But NOT in the context spoken

So we can only TRULY
Find an answer
Find a solution
With Him
With Jesus
With Father God
Being led by and with
The Holy Spirit

So draw CLOSE
Indeed - even CLOSER
To Him

Be it Jesus
Or, Our Father
Perhaps even the Holy Spirit

And He will lead you into 

For only He truly can...

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