A great multitude

“But Jesus withdrew
with His disciples to the sea.
And a great multitude
from Galilee followed Him,
and from Judea
and Jerusalem
and Idumea
and beyond the Jordan;
and those from Tyre and Sidon,
a great multitude,
when they heard
how many things
He was doing,
came to Him.”
(Mark 3:7 – 8)

People FOLLOWED Jesus

Jesus didn’t go looking
For people…

He didn’t NEED to…

They CAME looking
FOR Him…

Jesus went about teaching
And preaching in the synagogues

As He taught, He usually
Healed some people as well

So when He and His Disciples
Tried to withdraw to a quiet place
For some peace and relaxation…
The crowds and indeed multitudes

And note where these people
Came from…

Galilee, Judea, Jerusalem
Idumea and beyond the Jordan
Tyre and Sidon

Now these are just “names”
To most of us…
Biblical names…
With NO point of reference

Tyre and Sidon are north
Of the Sea of Galilee

The river Jordan flows south
Out of the Sea of Galilee
Into the Dead Sea

It is approximately 120 Km
From Sidon to Jerusalem
(As the crow flies)

So the various people
That made up the multitude
Had to travel maybe 60 Km
To get to Jesus at the
Sea of Galilee

Easy for us – with CARS
But they would have
Most likely WALKED…

My reason for pointing this out
Is for us to realise “how desperate”
The people were to get “to Jesus”

So how many people
Do you KNOW today
That are eager and keen
To get “to Jesus”?

Now they may be doing so…
On the internet…

But can you get enough
Teaching and fellowship
On the internet…?

Also, it is a bit difficult
To receive “healing”
On the internet…

Surely that requires
A bit of “hands on”

Or are people trusting
More in “Google”…
Than they are in
Trusting in the Bible?

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