1 Samuel 16 (Conclusion)

And so we come to the conclusion of chapter 16
The Spirit of the Lord has left Saul
And a distressing spirit is sent from the Lord
(1 Samuel 16:14)

We need to be careful when reading
Stories like this, that we don’t
Make the mistake of forgetting WHEN
It was written…

This is in the Old Testament
Before Jesus was alive on the earth
And before Jesus died and rose again
And ascended into heaven…

While on the cross, Jesus declared:
“It is finished”, breathed His last
And died…
(John 19:28 – 30)

And so things CHANGED
Or, you could say there was an EXCHANGE
Jesus TOOK our SIN, and in exchange

The significance of this is that
NOW God only gives GOOD things
ALL of His wrath was poured out
On Jesus as He hung on the cross

God no longer “sends distressing spirits”
On us today, as He did with King Saul

But note what was happening in the story
In 1 Samuel 16:17 – 23
God made a way for David to find favour
With King Saul

This picture, analogy is still true today
God will promote us to where He wants us to be
We need not worry for He is faithful and true
We have His Spirit, the Holy Spirit,
Dwelling within us
And God is for us, He is not against us

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