Living in the Fulness of God

Spirit, Soul and Body

Jesus said:

Go and Make Disciples of All the Nations

The Great Commission of Jesus Christ was for His Disciples to go into All the Nations and make More Disciples,
just like themselves.
Matthew 28:18 - 20

I disciple people through one-to-one interaction;

by way of Bible Study meetings,

sharing Devotionals and Sermons on WhatsApp

and here on this website.

You shall know the truth...

I love to help people discover who they are in Christ

Wheat and Tares

So much can be seen in a photograph

Consider the lilies...

When we look at the world all around us, do we actually see it? Life can be so busy We rush around working, eating, sleeping...

Be still and know...

New regime for me With my "walk with the Lord" Led, I believe, by the Holy Spirit

My Logo

The dove and the Bible

The dove - represents the Holy Spirit
The Open Book - is the Bible
 Bible ONLY - you "dry up"
Holy Spirit ONLY - you "blow up"
Bible + Holy Spirit = you "grow up"

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